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About Studforth Boarding Kennels York

Hello, and welcome to Studforth.

I’m James, son of Peter Cowton and Caron Hardy. Pete and Caron moved to Studforth 20 years ago when I was four years old, and my sister Helen was a couple of months old. Once my parents settled in and made Studforth their home, they began to think about how best to utilise the many out buildings, and spacious land. In 1999 they transformed some of the buildings surrounding the main farm house into fully heated and furnished kennels…and have never looked back!

Growing up, I spent much of my time out walking the dogs we had staying in the kennels, watching and learning how Dad cared for them, trained working dogs, and reared pups; hoping to follow in his footsteps. Throughout my school years, I spent every spare minute out with the dogs, and when I finished highschool I went straight to working full time in the business.

As the reputation of Studforth Kennels grew, Dad and I got to work transforming the rest of the out buildings. We also went on to build a new kennel block for those dogs that prefer being outside in the fresh air. These kennels have a fantastic view of the garden, fields and woods beyond; not a road in sight! They also have an insulated, wooden cabin, giving your dog the opportunity to have a comfy day time siesta or a cosy night time sleep.

Every spring we all roll up our sleeves and get to work repainting, refurbishing and maintaining the kennels; keeping them fresh and as good as new year after year. My mum, Caron, manages the kennels, and keeps them at the highest standard of cleanliness, both inside and out. When Dad or I try and scrub a floor, it’s never good enough so we stick to the walking where we can’t go wrong! In 2011, I married my wife Tory. She has recently joined the family business, after having our 1 year old son Harry. Together they organise the administrative side of the kennels, to keep the business running smoothly. Harry has already been out walking dogs with his mum! It’s never too soon to learn the ropes… one day he could be the man in charge.

We always enjoy meeting new faces, and showing you what Studforth has to offer. As a family we have built the kennels to an extremely high standard, and work hard, rain or shine, with pride. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or just to find out more.

“It is great to have a ‘home from home’ for Bailey when we go away. He gets five star treatment. Studforth offers a friendly and reliable service.”

Edwin, York